Malaria Almost Cured

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For many Africans, and for many, many people around the world, Malaria is a serious threat that claims thousands of lives every year. Although there are methods for controlling the incidence of the disease, they have had limited success. Fortunately, scientists say a vaccine is finally in reach, with the final phase of clinical trials currently underway in seven African countries. This will be the largest trail ever carried out in sub-Saharan Africa.

Most researchers believe that Malaria vaccine will not substitute for current preventative measures, but could greatly reduce mortality from the disease, alleviating the great burden of the disease on health systems in economically-challenged developing countries. Estimates have it that in such countries, malaria directly absorbs one percent of GDP, excluding indirect costs like loss of work hours.

This is a great opportunity for Africa. Let’s just hope its leaders don’t make a mess out of it.

Sources: allAfrica