West Africa
Ghana Kelewele

Kelewele, Fried Spicy Sweet Plantain

Usually confused for giant bananas, sweet plantains are like a delicacy in Ghana and in much of West Africa. I particularly have a penchant for them. One popular way to eat them is…

Soft fried plantains

Fried Sweet Platains [w/Video]

I have a sweet tooth, and being of African origin, I’m a sucker for fried sweet plantains. For those not familiar with sweet plantains, they are essentially ripe plantains, or over-sized bananas. However,…

Nigeria: Obe ata (Pepper Soup)

Are you in the mood for something spicy and African? Well, we’ve got something for you. Obe Ata is a Nigerian meat or fish pepper soup that is eaten with a wide variety…

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